Our Services

Seattle Islamic Speakers Bureau (SISB) offers three different services:

  • Islamic Speakers Bureau
  • Speaker Training
  • Mosque Open House Training

Islamic Speakers Bureau

SISB provides an invaluable service to schools, colleges and universities where certified speakers are invited by teachers and professors to supplement world religions/history, geography and women’s studies curriculum, as well as provide cultural diversity seminars for civic and community leaders, corporations and healthcare institutions.  Below are the presentations provided by certified speakers for:

To request a speaker, please submit a Speaker Request form.

Speaker Training

SISB offers training sessions for anyone who is interested in learning how to educate and speak to people about Islam and Muslims.  The training is conducted by a seasoned trainer who has 15+ years of experience in speaking to and educating various groups about Islam.  SISB will provide presentation scripts and guidelines for speaking about Islam and Muslims in various situations as well as how to answer difficult questions.

Why attend the SISB Speaker Training?

  • Participating in the training helps in becoming more prepared to answer questions about Islam in any given situation.
  • The training will help attendees in countering common stereotypes.
  • Attendees of the SISB Speakers Training will be educated on how to effectively speak about Islam and Muslims to people of other faiths and beliefs and in intimate settings such as with friends, neighbors and co-workers.
  • The training is the first step in becoming a Certified SISB Speaker where individuals will be able to speak to diverse audiences, including middle and high schools, universities, faith-based groups and community organizations
  •  It’s a powerful and rewarding experience to be part of the education experience of a group of people.
  • SISB invests in their speakers by providing exclusive enrichment programs and classes
  • Speakers join a community of talented professionals and activists across the country

To find out more about our next Speaker Training visit our Training Center.

Mosque Open House Training

It’s common for community mosques to have open houses for people of other faiths to invite the greater community to the mosque.  SISB Speakers Training will educate mosque leaders and organizers on how to speak to people of other faiths about Islam and Muslims including speaking tips, Islam specific presentation skills and how to answer difficult questions about Islam.  Mosques and other Muslim organizations can benefit from the experience of SISB resources on how to effectively, concisely, and confidently speak to people of other faiths about Islam and Muslims.

To find out more about our next Speakers Training visit our Training Center.

Furthermore, SISB can provide certified speakers to deliver presentations at mosque open houses.  To request a speaker, please submit a Speaker Request form.