Seattle Islamic Speakers Bureau (SISB) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to counter stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination against American Muslims by teaching about their traditions and contributions while abiding by First Amendment Guidelines.  SISB hopes to accomplish this goal through education, building relationships with community organizations and personalized face-to-face interaction with community members.  We reach our audience through presentations, diversity seminars and participating on panel discussions at schools, colleges and universities, law enforcement agencies, corporations and healthcare facilities.

SISB is an affiliate organization of ING which was founded in 1993.  SISB, together with ING and its affiliates across the country, have educated tens of thousands of people to eliminate stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination against American Muslims through our education. To learn more watch Maha ElGenaidi, Founder of ING (our parent organization), talk about why the work done by ING and affiliates like SISB is so important.

Travel Seattle – SISB Guide

Are you looking to travel to Seattle anytime soon? If so, you are likely going to be interested in looking for a few of our top destinations. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to narrow down your options and really come up with the best possible itinerary for your trip. In this article, we will be going over some of the top things to check out if you want to figure out some of the top Seattle, WA destinations.

Finding The Top Seattle, WA Destinations:

1. Trip Advisor.

One of the best ways to find any sort of attraction, restaurant, or any other kind of destination is by utilizing Trip Advisor. Whether you are going to be using their website or their application, you should be able to find all kinds of recommendations. Whether you are interested in our newly legalized or our cities newest top rated sushi restaurant, you are able to tell which places you should be checking out based on reviews. But you should be able to increase the chances of finding some of the areas top attractions by going directly into Trip Advisor’s forum area as well. By going into the forum area, you should be able to ask personalized questions where you can get specific answers that might be able to lead you to find all kinds of different things that you can do based on your specific time allotment and more.

2. Yelp.

Another good place to go to find recommendations of places to go and things to see while you are in Seattle would be Yelp. Whether you visit their website or you download their mobile application, you are going to be able to see a lot of different recommendations with this review website/app because it features real reviews from real users. By using this, you are going to get a good idea on the different kinds of places you might want to check out while you are there.

3. Social Media.

Another great way to find all kinds of different places that you can visit or go while you are in Seattle is social media. You can not only ask around to different friends or family that might have traveled to Seattle previously, but you can also ask around to strangers in Seattle groups or even people in frequent traveler groups. That way, you will be able to get personalized and actionable recommendations that you might be able to follow. This is a great and often underutilized method of finding some of the hidden gems any area has to offer.

4. Freestyle.

While you could plan everything accordingly and you could do your research, you can even go at it with no plans and simply freestyle. A lot of people travel like this. While it is certainly not the best way to travel if you are dealing with a short amount of time, it is a good way to go if you want to have freedom during your travels and you want to be adventurous and spontaneous. The good thing about freestyling is the ability to have the flexibility that you might need to see some things that you might not have seen if you stayed on the course that you plan before the trip. A lot of people can find interesting things this way that they might never have scheduled time for because they simply go with the flow and they find things to do as they travel.

5. Traveling Forums.

Another good place to go if you are seeking out some of the top things that you can do or see in Seattle are traveling forums across the Internet. Whether you go to Lonely Planet forums or another traveling website with forums, you will be able to find all kinds of information and lists that you can look at and follow. The good thing about heading to traveling forums is the ability to talk to people that may have done the same trip as you. Not only will they have actionable advice that you can follow, but they should be able to guide you the right way based on your individual circumstances.

Overall, there are a variety of ways in which you can seek out some of the top destinations to head to when you are traveling in Seattle. If you are looking to maximize your time while visiting, you will want to do a lot of this research beforehand. That way, you can optimize your schedule to the point where you will be able to hit everything that you want to do and see while you are traveling there. This is going to help you get the most out of your entire trip. Failing to plan ahead is only going to cause you to miss out on a lot of potential opportunities.